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    Percent of the world’s population lives in places where air quality exceeds WHO guideline limits

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    Deaths a year due to air pollution. - World Health Organization

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    Air Pollution is the leading environmental cause of morbidity and death

The Problem

Urban air pollution is among the world’s leading killers and is the leading environmental cause of morbidity and death

And yet, we let it into our homes, schools and offices every single day - where its impact is even more dangerous. The accumulation of air pollution indoors creates severe life risking conditions and is responsible for mortality from variously different causes such as: Various types of cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Asthma and respiratory diseases, Stroke and many other life threatening conditions. Air pollution: • Kills 6 times more than all road accidents • Kills 11.5 times more than all wars and violent incidents casualties • The indoor exposure to air pollution is up to 14 times more significant (i.e. promoting premature death) than the exposure outdoor air pollution

Who we are

Urecsys is an environmental health technology, a pioneer in the battle against urban air pollution. Developed by a team of innovative thought leaders that includes published research scientists and experienced entrepreneurs.

The company’s patent-protected solutions have consistently been proven effective, with unprecedented success rate in improving indoor air quality across various urban environments.

The Technology

Urecsys achieves significant reduction in air pollution levels inside buildings and provides clean and optimal air on a daily basis.

Our patent-protected technology uses extensive big-data analysis, Unique ML and data-rich scientific algorithms, including:

Smart Prediction – Urecsys calculates and predicts with high precision the air pollution levels both indoors and outdoors in both monitored and non-monitored buildings and locations.

Real-time Analysis – Urecsys’ smart algorithms identify air pollution trends in different locations in real time and track historical and online pollution data for each building, taking into account unique chemical, physical and health related variables.

Urecsys controls and regulates systems in the building while fully complying with international standards and the specific requirements of each building.

Our Benefits

Reducing approximately 40% of the urban air pollution inside buildings. An all-round solution that improves the overall functions of the organization: significant health improvements and energy conservation, all while ensuring that the building is in full compliance with the most rigorous international ventilation standards.

  • Savings due to fewer sick days

  • Better air quality in an unprecedented manner

  • Improved cognitive performance, creativity and productivity

  • Savings due to energy conservation

השותפים שלנו

Urecsys עובדת עם חברות מובילות בשוק הישראלי והבינלאומי. המערכות שלנו קלות מאוד להתקנה ולמעשה כבר מותקנות ועובדות במבחר בניינים של תאגידים בינלאומיים מובילים במס' ערים שונות בארץ. בכל אחד מהבניינים, מידי יום ביומו, ללא יוצאים מן הכלל, Urecsys מציגה הצלחה בלתי מעורערת וחסרת תקדים ביכולתה לשפר את איכות האוויר שבתוך הבניינים.